Setting intentions for 2021

Sunday 3 January 2021

Recently I reflected on everything I set myself in 2020, and although it was not the year we were all expecting, if I selfishly just look at my own life, I am in a much better space. 

I often think the Amber of 2018 was a completely different person, but I am so proud of how far I have come. 2020 was the year I learned to respect my own boundaries more and as I look back I see growth, strength and positivity. So I am setting intent, not resolutions...

1. Use my energy better, create and write more.

Last night I deleted my dating apps and have come to the swift conclusion I can use that energy in a better way, and if I happen to meet someone then well, that's just swell. 2021 is all about writing for me, focusing my energy in a productive way and I cannot wait to see the outcome. 

2. Continue to work my butt off 

I know I say it enough, but I love my job and cannot wait to throw myself into 2021 to create even more magic. 

3. Write at least one post a month 

This just went tits up last year. So who knows, but I have set this intention for myself and it can only lead to determination. 

4. Move my body more 

I currently have two PT sessions with the incredible Aimee Browes at The Happiness Bootcamp a week but this also comes with amazing classes that I am not as consistent with.

Getting moving helps and I need to remember to do it more.

5. Sleep better 

Last year I set this as I wanted to wake up earlier, but that can only happen if I get any sleep at all. I've said it before that my mental health dictates my sleep pattern and as I continue to put it at the forefront and make it a priority things are slightly improving. 

6. Stop being so self-critical 

Does anyone set bizarre high standards for themselves then beat themselves up about it? NO ONE ELSE KNOWS AMBER SO STOP FRETTING.

7. .Read 30 books

My trilogy-ish for 2021 is The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and I really want to make a dent in my unread bookshelves. 

8. Diversify reading and more non-fiction

We can only better ourselves, and I want to continue to push this with my reading. So any recs hit me up. 

9. Craft more

I have fallen in love with cross-stitch this year thanks to Innocent Bones' incredible kits, they help clear my fuzzy brain and create something beautiful.

10. Treat yourself 

When possible I have realised how much paying my incredibly talented pals to do my hair and nails is making me feel so much better! Never thought I deserved to treat myself and I cannot explain how bloody  lovely it is! Gels done by the talented Gels by Ginge and my beautifully razored hair is by Hand Over Fist Hair 💛

How are you focusing your energy this year? Let me know x

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  1. Love this little list, Amber. I think learning to be less self-critical is definitely one for my list too! Perfectionism really is a curse.