'Peach' by Emma Glass

Saturday 21 July 2018

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Peach by Emma Glass on Wooden Floor

This debut novel from Emma Glass immerses the reader in Peach’s personal hell in a agonising space between fear, reality and the absurd. The short novel follows Peach after a horrendous trauma as it bypasses all of those who surround her in a fractured reality that reads like poetry and descends into physical and palpable horror.

Every time I have picked up ‘Peach’ I have read it in one sitting and no part of me wants to deter you from this all-consuming reading experience by spoiling it in this blog.

Peach by Emma Glass on a white background

We the reader are guided through a nightmare surreal landscape by Peach in all her attempts to recover and move on from an out of novel event. But it is never that simple, through all her pain no one else notices, her parents are engrossed in their new born baby and plenty of noisy sex. Peach is left to fix herself. Alone in her room with her sewing kit and Glass’s incredible use of language we are tied to the page, unable to look away or stop reading.

'Slip the pin through the skin. Start stitching. It doesn’t sting. It does bleed. White thread turns red. Red string. Going in. Going out. I pull. Tug. Tug the pin. In. Out. Out. Out. Blackout.’

Peach by Emma Glass on white background

‘Peach’ is driven by the senses, from the repetition and invasive sounds to the stomach wrenching smells and textures that provoke visceral reactions. The most prominent is Peach’s attacker, described as fat and meat wrapped like an oily sausage. The stench of burnt meat gripping in her nose dislocating us from what is real and how she is translating her pain. Following with Peach encompassing the fleshy fruit more and more and rotting like a fresh peach would as she continues to suffer and disintegrate. ‘Hatred coats my tongue. Fuzz on bad fruit.'

Glass’s debut novel ‘Peach’ demonstrates her art of language, bringing poetry into prose and adding texture through words unlike anything i’ve ever read before. I have attempted to keep away from the plot of ‘Peach’ and can only urge you to pick it up, find a few hours and completely immerse yourself in it.

Peach by Emma Glass on a white background

Pick up your copy of 'Peach' here.
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Pin Collection Part Four

Sunday 8 July 2018

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Pin Collection for Typewriter Teeth

For the fourth instalment of my pin collection I'm focusing on gifted pins from pals!

Typewriter Teeth Enamel Pin Collection 4  David Attenborough Wren and Wilson

First up is this amazing David Attenborough pin from Wren & Wilson that was a gift from the amazing Dulcimer Draws for the In Colourful Company secret santa! So now I get share my love for the big D with everyone! Pick it up here for just £7.

Pin Collection Part Four Typewriter teeth Aloe Plant  

Then this beautiful little aloe is from my incredible friend Nat from sunning herself in Barcelona! I've had some incredible support the past few months and cannot thank Nat enough for being a great listener for all the bat shit stuff I say. And now I get to think of the fantastic plant mum every time I look at my lapel! 

Another absolute star (i've got some great pals and this post isn't going to cover them all) has been my friend Jess throughout this all, and even more so with this lil Dwight pin! A few years ago Jess got me a pin that resembled my dog and I was devastated when I lost it, so now I have this little guy to replace him. 

typewriter teeth pin collection pizza pin

Jess also picked me up a pin of my one true love whilst she was in NY. 

And finally, this amazing glittery pin is from Bloody Nora Pam and was a gift from another amazing friend, Gemma, another babe I could never live without.  I've mentioned this pin before but couldn't resit sharing it again. 

Bloody Norma Pam are spreading positive messages through merch...

"We have finally created BLOODY NORA PAM to enable people to spread bold positive and empowering messages that we completely believe in. To spread love and light whilst raising awareness and donating 10% of all of our profits to the UK Sepsis Trust in honour of Josh."

Find out more about Bloody Norma Pam here.

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Interview with Norma Jean (circa 2014)

Wednesday 4 July 2018

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So with the sad news earlier last month that Protest The Hero and Norma Jean had to cancel their UK tour and headline sets of UK Tech Metal Fest due to voice issues, I thought it seemed like an appropriate time to dig out an old interview with Norma Jean from 2014 that never saw the light of day. 

The impromptu interview happened in 2014 when Norma Jean were on tour with Branson HollisLiferuiner and Night Verses in Manchester touring their latest album at the time 'Wrongdoers'. 

So please keep your negativity away from young and nervous Amber with half an hour notice...

Amber: How was Europe? 

Corey: It’s been awesome, we’ve had a blast. This is the first date in the UK and I think we did three weeks in mainland Europe. We’ve got five shows in the UK then we fly to Russia then Belerus and then we head to Groezrock .

A: How was writing 'Wrongdoers' with the line up change?
C: It went really well, it is not easy to lose a member. I’m not going to lie, you get a chemistry with someone that you build over time but when these guys came in we kind of had instant chemistry. It was really seamless so we kind of started over writing the record  from scratch with similar ideas we’d already presented so it wasn’t that hard to do really. 

A: How have the tracks been received live? 

C: Really awesome, people seem to really enjoy the record and sing along which i hope this means they love it!
A: You are renowned for unusual album art, where did the idea for 'Wrongdoers' come from? 

C: We just think that the artwork should be fitting of the record and that it should be one theme between the music, the artwork and the live show. But really it comes from our interpretations of the songs or another artists interpretation of the record and the songs.

A: Just before I came in we were just discussing how ‘Hive Minds’ would be the perfect introducing song but you play it midway through the set - why have you placed it there? 

C: It’s in the middle somewhere because it’s tuned to B and we put all our B songs together. 

A: Finally, who threw up the most in the 'If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty' video?

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June Book Haul

Sunday 1 July 2018

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Selection of books for typewriter teeth

So I think June ended up being a bit over the top in the book purchasing department, there are definitely too many books and not enough time. But that doesn't seem to stop me! Let me know if you've read any of these as I cannot decide where to start!

Typewriter Teeth book haul june sarah waters and iain banks

First up are gifts from a friend, which means they already come with recommendations. 

'Whit' by Iain Banks is about Morag who goes missing from a cult in Scotland and the woman who is sent to look for her.  From what i've already heard about the book it is coming of age story of sorts as Isis Whit searches for Morag, meeting strange characters, searching for knowledge and questioning the values and rationale of the cult she has come from. 

typewriter teeth june book haul sarah waters and tea

The same friend also gifted me 'The Night Watch' by Sarah Waters who I haven't read since university. The novel follows five characters through the second world war and I have tried not to read too much about the book in case I accidentally see a classic Waters twist! 

typewriter teeth june book haul

I only got a few charity shop bargains this month (I think I need to to start scouting some new areas). I picked up Rainbow Rowell's 'Fangirl' for a little bit of YA, M. R Carey's 'The Girl With All The Gifts' for some sci-fi and Margaret Atwood's 'Oryx and Crake' for some speculative fiction.  

typewriter teeth june book haul  margaret atwood

typewriter teeth june book haul foils

But my bookish treat for June was a little budget for a trip to Foyles whilst in London to see 'Harry Potter and The Cursed Child'. After a quick coffee in their cafe we slowly worked our way down each floor and because they had a half price offer on it meant I could afford two books. 

june book haul typewriter teeth

I picked up Han Kang's 'The Vegetarian' after reading so much about it online and I have already finished it. The novella comes in three parts after Yeoung-Hye decides to stop eating meat, the sections following the mental and physical collapse of Yeoung-Hye and her family in extreme ways. I shall post a review soon hopefully! 

june book haul typewriter teeth

On my way to the counter I also spotted an offer sticker on Olivia Laing's 'The Lonely City' a non-fiction collection in which Laing delves into what it means to be alone through art after finding herself isolated in New York City. So I had to treat myself. 

june book haul typewriter teeth

Earlier this month I went to a garage sale in a village near my grandparents, I think it's something unusual for the UK but it was essentially a village wide car-boot sale. Yet I only managed to pick up one book, 'Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage' by Haruki Murakami as Tsukuru Tazaki attempts to find out why his life took a strange turn sixteen years prior to find his own truth and happiness. 

june book haul typewriter teeth

I was also lucky enough to receive a couple of books from publishers throughout June for books that will be available later in the year and I cannot wait to get stuck into them. 

june book haul typewriter teeth

Firstly I was sent 'Sweet Fruit, Sour Land' by Rebecca Lay published by Sandstone Press and due for release on July 19th so you can pre-order it here. The novel follows Mathilde holding on to the last circle of luxury in a barren and restricted London by attending glamorous parties that escape ration cards and child policies. But what price does she have to pay for it? (Review will be posted soon)

june book haul typewriter teeth

I was also lucky enough to be sent 'Now, Now, Louison' by Jean Fremon and translated by Cole Swensen. I was sent the short text from Les Fugitives, an independent publisher dedicated to publishing francophone authors who have previously been unavailable in the UK. 

june book haul typewriter teeth

'Now, Now, Louison' is the first of Jean Fremon's work to be published in the UK following the monologue of artist Louise Bourgeois, a woman who devoted her life to art. Louise comes to life through the pages of the work in a poem-in-prose style that give a closeness to his renowned friend through his masterful writing. 

'Now, Now, Louison' will be published on September 24th but you can pre-order it here

Now where should I start? 

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