Interview with Norma Jean (circa 2014)

Wednesday 4 July 2018

So with the sad news earlier last month that Protest The Hero and Norma Jean had to cancel their UK tour and headline sets of UK Tech Metal Fest due to voice issues, I thought it seemed like an appropriate time to dig out an old interview with Norma Jean from 2014 that never saw the light of day. 

The impromptu interview happened in 2014 when Norma Jean were on tour with Branson HollisLiferuiner and Night Verses in Manchester touring their latest album at the time 'Wrongdoers'. 

So please keep your negativity away from young and nervous Amber with half an hour notice...

Amber: How was Europe? 

Corey: It’s been awesome, we’ve had a blast. This is the first date in the UK and I think we did three weeks in mainland Europe. We’ve got five shows in the UK then we fly to Russia then Belerus and then we head to Groezrock .

A: How was writing 'Wrongdoers' with the line up change?
C: It went really well, it is not easy to lose a member. I’m not going to lie, you get a chemistry with someone that you build over time but when these guys came in we kind of had instant chemistry. It was really seamless so we kind of started over writing the record  from scratch with similar ideas we’d already presented so it wasn’t that hard to do really. 

A: How have the tracks been received live? 

C: Really awesome, people seem to really enjoy the record and sing along which i hope this means they love it!
A: You are renowned for unusual album art, where did the idea for 'Wrongdoers' come from? 

C: We just think that the artwork should be fitting of the record and that it should be one theme between the music, the artwork and the live show. But really it comes from our interpretations of the songs or another artists interpretation of the record and the songs.

A: Just before I came in we were just discussing how ‘Hive Minds’ would be the perfect introducing song but you play it midway through the set - why have you placed it there? 

C: It’s in the middle somewhere because it’s tuned to B and we put all our B songs together. 

A: Finally, who threw up the most in the 'If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty' video?

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