2014 Vinyl Haul

Tuesday 18 November 2014

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So way back in August I finally got my hands on a beautiful Crosley turntable and my penchant for charity shopping for books spread into second hand records.

But as my collection grew so did my endless spending on records at gigs, records that once purchased I had to clutch onto for dear life for fear of snapping through the rest of the evening. For those jumping around me completely unaware of the lovingly pressed item i'm was desperately holding on to, I doubt they could tell my half hearted movements came with the self doubt of wishing i'd bought  the record at the end of the gig but just could not resist or feared there would be none left.

These almost static times have meant that now I cannot resist buying bundles from the lovely people at Kings Road Merch, my latest haul included Pianos Become The Teeth, Touche Amore, Every Time I Die, Defeater, La Dispute and Letlive. But I doubt this haul will fix me for long with The Ghost Inside's Dear Youth bundle desperately waiting for a purchase. 

When I got in from work last night my first choice of play was the stunning Somewhere At The Bottom by La Dispute and my player has been turning away ever since. I think the reason I have fallen so in love with vinyl is that unlike just picking a song or single you have to (unless you are particularly skilled in knowing where a song is) listen to an album from start to finish in the stunning composition that the band or singer envisaged it in. 

Nowadays everything seems to happen almost too quickly, we meet people quickly and instanteously know them through various social platforms and because of this sometimes too soon we are bored of them - desperate to find the next interest, be it person or trend. This idea fits perfectly into music as well as we favour tracks and playlists we estrange ourselves from listening to complete albums, records gravitate back to the complete regonition of albums as a piece and not just a single track.

Be it a current trend or me acting old fashioned again, I hope current artists pressing their music is here to stay. Not only does it bring the journey of an album back to the forefront but it also brings album art too. Call me dated but I wish I took a step back from our brisk lives more often, we are taking away the mystery of the unknown in life for quick answers and sped up relationships. So in an effort to follow up on this i'm back to being a hermit with the choice of Letlive's Fake History this evening. 
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