The F Word' by Lily Pebbles

Monday 27 August 2018

Lily Pebbles' ‘The F Word’ is a beautiful celebration of friendships, past and present. Following how relationships makes us who we are with a focus on how they have shaped Lily.

Lily Pebbles The F Word on Typewriter Teeth on a wooden backdrop

 If you are not already familiar with Lily Pebbles I recommend you check out her blog, channel and podcast with Anna. But if you already are familiar, which i assume most of you are then you’ll love ‘The F Word’! I even read it with her voice and mannerisms in my head so I can only imagine what the audiobook is like.

There is a comfort and trust in Lily’s writing, her opinions in her videos and blog posts are so honest that her heart warming personality comes through and you trust in ‘The F Word’. From making that first friend, to keeping a daft diary throughout school to meeting people as an adult Lily’s words resonated with me on some levels. But ‘The F Word’ is built up on sweet insights into Lily’s life, friendship and growth, I just couldn’t grasp on how quickly it moved. Pushing forward along the lines of a topical non fiction book rather than a window into Lily’s relationships, as if the sections didn’t quite come together.

Lily Pebbles The F Word on Typewriter Teeth

The F Word’ is like a introduction to Lily’s friendships, seeming to touch on the beginning of friendships or pigeonholing types of friendships rather than explore each relationship more. It’s as if the headings of each section made the book more relatable to a wider audience but constrained the writing and detail.

As much as I want more detail, ‘The F Word’ did make me reflect on friendships in year that has covered a lot of reflection for me, so maybe I was expecting too much?

‘The F Word’ is a brilliant quick read, of personal, honest insight into ever evolving and complex friendships. As much as it is a tribute to female friendship and covers such a wide range of discussion i’d happily welcome a follow up in more detail, especially as you find your feet in relationships as you get older.

Lily Pebbles The F Word on Typewriter Teeth

Have you read ‘The F Word’? Let me know what you thought or buy it here.

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