Pin Collection Part Four

Sunday 8 July 2018

Pin Collection for Typewriter Teeth

For the fourth instalment of my pin collection I'm focusing on gifted pins from pals!

Typewriter Teeth Enamel Pin Collection 4  David Attenborough Wren and Wilson

First up is this amazing David Attenborough pin from Wren & Wilson that was a gift from the amazing Dulcimer Draws for the In Colourful Company secret santa! So now I get share my love for the big D with everyone! Pick it up here for just £7.

Pin Collection Part Four Typewriter teeth Aloe Plant  

Then this beautiful little aloe is from my incredible friend Nat from sunning herself in Barcelona! I've had some incredible support the past few months and cannot thank Nat enough for being a great listener for all the bat shit stuff I say. And now I get to think of the fantastic plant mum every time I look at my lapel! 

Another absolute star (i've got some great pals and this post isn't going to cover them all) has been my friend Jess throughout this all, and even more so with this lil Dwight pin! A few years ago Jess got me a pin that resembled my dog and I was devastated when I lost it, so now I have this little guy to replace him. 

typewriter teeth pin collection pizza pin

Jess also picked me up a pin of my one true love whilst she was in NY. 

And finally, this amazing glittery pin is from Bloody Nora Pam and was a gift from another amazing friend, Gemma, another babe I could never live without.  I've mentioned this pin before but couldn't resit sharing it again. 

Bloody Norma Pam are spreading positive messages through merch...

"We have finally created BLOODY NORA PAM to enable people to spread bold positive and empowering messages that we completely believe in. To spread love and light whilst raising awareness and donating 10% of all of our profits to the UK Sepsis Trust in honour of Josh."

Find out more about Bloody Norma Pam here.

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  1. I absolutely love the aloe pin; I'm just getting into collecting pins and I only own eight so far!! :) x

    Holly |