Sunday, 4 March 2018

Harry Potter Pudding Club at Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

We headed to Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen in Sheffield this afternoon for their Harry Potter Pudding Club. 

Yep thats right Harry Potter Pudding Club.

After warming up with a Sheffield Fog it wasn't long before our Polyjuice Potions were brought over, queue 'Urgh - essence of Millicent Bulstrode'. It was a yummy lemon iced tea that changed colour (video here) as you poured in the secret ingredient. 

Followed by the sharing pudding platter...

We started with Butterbeer Blondies, layered in a half pint glass and topped with a soft coconut cream that cut through the butterscotch drizzle so you never wanted it to end. 

We then attempted the Golden Snitch Truffles, and I say attempted as they were biggest white chocolate truffles I have ever tried to eat in one go... and it didn't go well.  

Not sure if Harry Potter was lucky enough to get such zesty lemon flavour when he nearly swallowed the snitch. 

Finally we tucked into the Chocolate Mandrake pots with a root beer surprise! 

These pots may look so delicious you think they are edible, but believe me they aren't.  And who knew root beer popping candy existed?! 

And just to top it off there were wee pots of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and dragon eggs on the platter too. 

This afternoon was incredible and I cannot wait to see what the next pudding club is! Keep an eye on Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchens Facebook here for upcoming events. 

Accio Pudding!  

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