Pin Collection Part One

Sunday 18 March 2018

I've finally got my shit together and started putting together this pin post, but what I didn't think about was how many I actually have. So i've split them up, enjoy post one of many of my pin collection...

enamel pin, gin,

First up combines my love of gin and pins from the incredible Jo at Hello Sunshine (website here). 

A few weeks ago I thought i'd lost this amazing pin after a few too many gins but it miraculously appeared in a tote bag and my lapels were saved! 

enamel pin, gin,

Treat yourself to one here. 

My pin collection isn't just enamel pins, a friend bought me this beautiful illustrated wooden Book Worm from Kate Rowland after I was lusting after it at Renegade Craft fair a few years ago. 

enamel pin, bookworm, brooch

This is no longer available on Kate's site but I highly recommend her beautiful work, check it out here.

enamel pin, books, tea

Then there is this beaut 'Drink Tea and Read Books' from Fable and Black that I picked up, alongside a number of their pins, mirrors and coasters for Christmas gifts from Handmade Nottingham.  

A haven for bookish lovers, spend all your money here. 

enamel pin, eliminate girl hate

This amazing glittery pin is from Bloody Nora Pam, and this beautiful pair are spreading empowering messages via merch and clothing.  This pin was an amazing gift from a friend and it's been on my jacket ever since. 

Get yours here.

enamel pin, dillinger escape plan

The final pin i'm sharing in this post is The Dillinger Escape Plan pin I got during their final tour in the UK.  I couldn't find this anywhere online to buy now so if you see one around give me a shout. 

What pins do you want to know more about next? 

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