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Monday, 7 January 2019

Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ is on everyones reading list and it completely deserves it.

The intimate memoir follows Alderton’s life through her rich and relatable writing style that reflects, reaffirms and questions as she looks back through the book. Through all of this I found myself flitting between fits of giggles or balling up with tears, re-reading and connecting with Dolly Alderton's words. This connection reaffirming the popularity of ‘Everything I Know About Love’ as although it is a young age to write a memoir, Dolly’s writing has hit readers that clearly needed it.

Everything I Know About Love Review Dolly Alderton Typewriter Teeth

With an unusual layout the focus on her stories are interjected with party planning, recipes and lists as if Alderton is helping others navigate their lives and past by making them feel less alone with her stories. Although ‘Everything I Know About Love’ sometimes feels like a glamourised rom-co Alderton does not let us forget the low points. From all the amazing stories we hear of skint nights out, houseshares and parties we are also reminded of the lonely days, the debilitating hangovers and poor decisions. What’s interesting is how Dolly Alderton writes with such a nostalgia and sentiment for something that is not that long ago but with the speed the world is changing seems a lifetime ago.

Everything I Know About Love Review Dolly Alderton Typewriter Teeth

With each endearing part of the book Dolly Alderton continues to put herself out there, each raw moment insisting empathy, laughing along with her wild anecdotes to crying with her heartbreak. Within the anecdotes Alderton is also assessing her own pain whilst exploring her love for her friendships. ‘Everything I Know About Love’ is about experiences, her own lessons and friendships with the universal call that you are not alone. And even if you cannot relate to any of Alderton’s anecdotes, I am sure that at some point in all our lives we have felt uncomfortable in our skin or that everyone else in the world is moving faster than us.

Everything I Know About Love Review Dolly Alderton Typewriter Teeth

So as moving as it is funny, ‘Everything I Know About Love’ through it’s wit, wisdom and heartache is a beautiful reminder for all the moments in life, and a love letter to the people that fill them. Dolly Alderton has created an incredible, relatable work that has swept readers up and although I have refrained from going into her stories I hope my enthusiasm makes you want to pick it up.

Pick it up here and let me know what you think.

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