200 Degrees comes to Sheffield

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Taking over the midlands, the north and south wales, 200 Degrees has opened in Sheffield this week, joining the titans of coffee on Division Street. 

Coffee at 200 Degrees Sheffield

With the Sheffield shop opening that makes it seventh across the UK and it is easy to see why. Last weekend I was invited to their pre-launch event to sample their food, drink and decor before they opened their doors but I couldn't resist going back this week to see if the amazing standards were maintained.

Food at 200 Degrees Sheffield

A beautiful selection of sandwiches and wraps are the first thing that takes your eye on the left hand side as you walk in, you can view the menu here but with only one vegan and one vegetarian option we're hoping 200 Degrees step up their game for Sheffield. I've yet to try their breakfast options but give me another week and i'm sure i'll be pretty much living there. 

I tried the hummus & beetroot baguette, which did not skimp on the filling! Plenty of fresh, tasty ingredients and I loved the mixed seeds for a bit more texture in the baguette. I also sampled the falafel and pepper wrap which went down in one. The wrap was soft, fresh and floury and I cannot wait to have a proper lunch there, I heard the potato salad was perfect. 

Food at 200 Degrees Sheffield

Of course I had to leave room for dessert, we sampled a couple of different cakes including the vegan banana bread with chocolate chips and the gluten free courgette loaf cake. 

cakes at 200 degrees sheffield

But when I went back for my second visit I was recommended the espresso brownie which was also NGCI! I am not gluten intolerant but when you notice how much your pals cannot have when you're out for a brew it really makes a difference. It was beautiful, rich and dark and paired perfectly with a flat white. 

cake and coffee and 200 degrees sheffield

Our second visit was just as great as the first, staff were friendly, familiar and even remembered our previous orders (cue feeling like walking into the cheers bar) so we settled in and chatted away the hours over a few drinks. For our second order I tried their famous nitro cold brew and I 100% recommend buying a can or seven. By using nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide you get a smoother and thicker texture from the drink, perfect for coffee just like it is for stouts, giving a creamier and sweeter effect of a milky coffee but with a crisp taste. 

Cold Brew Coffee at 200 Degrees Sheffield

It helps that 200 Degrees are all about their roast, it's not an easy task and they've nailed it. Everyones taste varies so finding a roast that works across the board is amazing. Roasting since 2012 their signature blend 'Brazilian Love Affair' is slow roasted at the lower temperature of 200° for a smoother taste, retaining its full bodied richness that creates a beautiful espresso but also holds up its flavour in milkier drinks. 

Neon at 200 Degrees Sheffield

But the perfect cup of coffee isn't just about the roast, it's about the environment and customer service too. A range of lampshades on different levels brings the heigh ceilings down for a cosier atmosphere and also added to different sections of the seating, ranging from work areas with plugs to cosey seats and the neon fire. It's a large venue to fill and hopefully with time it will get a warmer atmosphere with some plants and artwork to clash against the stunning copper wall and contrasting metals.

Lights at 200 degrees sheffield

In my time off from work a cup of coffee wth friends has been a saviour not just a drink. A moment to reflect, talk with friends and embrace my own need to take a break in the day. There is something lovely about someone else making you a drink, especially when the staff are so proud and passionate about who they work for. I am attempting to go back to work next week and I can see myself becoming a regular at 200 Degrees, especially with that neon that matches my hair. 

Welcome to Sheffield 200 Degrees it's incredible to add another independent business to Division Street.

Check out their website here, or follow them on twitter, facebook and instagram or give me a shout if you fancy popping in for a brew. *

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