Live review - Nordic Giants - Nottingham Contemporary, 2015

Tuesday 19 May 2015

I visit Nottingham so often I should consider moving there but my itchy feet don't like that, so I figured I'd do a wee post on why I love it so much instead. 

The reason for this visit was to witness the incredible Nordic Giants in the basement of Nottingham Contemporary.   If you fancy leaving a gig provoked to the edge of welling eyes and with no words to describe what you have just been a part of then I recommend seeing them. The pair draw your eyes into cinematic projections and wire you to think as if conducted by their music. Dressed entirely in black and with masks and actions that make you question anything you've come to expect from a performance the pair have completely created something commendable.  I find myself lost in their tracks alone never mind the trance of the live performance. 

A little struck by Nordic Giants we decided to hit up Boiler Maker, a wee bar you enter through a secret door in a toilet. If you are sold on these silly little additions as much as I am then you will adore it. 

"No fighting, play fighting, no talking about fighting. This is not Fight Club and you are not Brad Pitt."

Plus if I walk into a bar and they are playing 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' then I am sold but probably leaning towards windmilling my hair whilst crouched on a table. 

The whole place is table service with some hilarious waitresses and impeccable service so how could we not have an amazing time. My first cocktail was 'Oats & Hoes' queue the Step Brothers love, which came with a wee oat bickie. 

After these went down a treat we couldn't resist another, pops went for another 'Stock Brokers Breakfast' (apologies if I balls'd the names up) which had a wee frazzle and pancake with it, and from my memory the sweetest whisky.  I on the other hand went for the amazing 'Cereal Killaz II' (again name apologies) made with almond milk, rum and something else but c'mon I had you at BLOODY ALMOND MILK. I want to have it every day for the rest of my life, so although I may develop alcohol issues at least we know Boiler Maker have gained themselves another happy regular. 

After nailing Friday I couldn't visit Notts without visiting my favourite wee shop in the whole city Ideas On Paper within the beautiful Cobden Chambers. Alex always has an incredible selection in stock and all the knowledge behind it to always recommend you something amazing. We grabbed our treats and hid away in the equally beautiful Wired Cafe.

Now I love chai lattes but Wired's 'Dirty Chai' is the best chai based beverage I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth (You may have noticed that this post is mainly about how much I love food and drink).  Really, I didn't want it to end. 

So hibernating away with our selections of magazines and our incredible lunches we did not want to move.  It was easy to understand why most of the people looked to be in there for the long run. 

When we finally decided to head back into the real world we ended up at Homemade Cafe for some takeaway treats to take to Wollaton Hall aka Wayne Manor with us. If you end up in Nottingham on a beautiful day Wollaton Hall is well worth a visit, beautiful grounds with deer dotted about and rooms full of natural history. As well as that moment when you think wow, I could totally pretend to be Maggie Gyllenhaal right now.

After recovering from miles and miles of walks we decided to hit Red's True BBQ just to fill up even more.  Between the pair of us we managed to rack up a pulled pork burger, sweet potato fries, mac and cheese waffles, a rack of ribs, a sleepy james, fries and onion rings. 

'The Sleepy James' and 'Mac and Cheese Waffles' were both new additions that I had never tried before and I believe they will be becoming my regular.  I have never tasted anything quite like 'The Sleepy James' and it may just look like some chicken in-between waffles and bacon but the taste is so so so much more I cannot recommend it enough. The sweetness of the chicken was so slightly addictive I have been craving that exact taste since I tried it. 

With that wee bit of room left we had floats instead of desert, bacon as desert should always be an option! Nottingham you well and truly nailed it. 

Sure I said at the start of this post that I should just move back there? 

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