Staying creative - prints from Ella Masters

Saturday 11 January 2014

This morning when I got in from my driving lesson there was a stack of parcels left on my bed, now most of them were for Sam but there was a sneaky wee tube that filled me with excitement.

Just after Christmas Ella Masters had a print sale and after lusting after them since all her posts surrounding the Renegade Craft Fair I couldn't resist a few purchases. I spent so long deciding which bearded man I wanted to then find the absolute beauty had included both! As well as the anchor that had been in and out of my basket countless times, I got so exited and I cannot wait to fill my walls with them as the right frames come along. Each drawing has these beautiful wee touches that you have to delve into the picture to find, from the sweet tooth, to messages in bottles and little freckles and blush there is something beautifully human whilst illustrative about Ella's work that I could not resist.

And as excited I am about these prints I am even more excited to see more and more things cropping up on her instagram and blog (especially the tea, who doesn't love tea?). Ella is possibly one of the main reasons I am forcing myself to get up and write again about something other than music, which is possibly my weakest area I feel. Ella's recent post about staying creative (here) made me think about everything I was reading/seeing/hearing again. Made me want to do something again. So thanks Ella, and here is to a more creative 2014.


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