Wednesday 13 March 2013

Whilst at uni we did a module entitled 'Experimental Fiction' and out of the three years I think it was the most helpful, insightful and actually creative part of creative writing. Recently I have been challenging myself to do some more, so whilst I pluck up the courage to blog that here is one of my favourite from the module.

Neruda is a combination of my favourite parts of the module, taking something else and changing its phrasing and meaning with your own work to make something so much more remarkable. The following is a blend of Pablo Neruda and W.H Auden so forget about your breath and read aloud with speed, comments are appreciated:


I run with the hunted,

crave your mouth-voice-hair.

I hunger,

the pale stones of your fingernails

whole almond,

like your skin I want to eat.

Snared at my veins,

it’s about time

i think

you pulled them out.

A vine,

compressing my chest

heading west as it

crawled inside

my mouth with your bruises,

you know we all wear them,

in my knuckles

clenched nails in the swollen stones

his back.

Stand stand at the window

in the basin

there there


dipped to the wrists

as if

we could only

blame it on our hands.

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