'The Devil Wears Prada' by Lauren Weisberger

Friday 17 August 2012

When I immerse myself in a book, the character stays in my head, paused until I pick the book up again.

So when I saw The Devil Wears Prada for 75p in a charity shop this weekend I couldn't resist the urge to immerse myself in something I had always thought was a guilty pleasure, a chick flick per say that was something I felt a need to dabble in. Especially in my post-degree reading anything other than module texts binge.

And I immersed myself, but I wanted Andy to run off with the famous writer Christian, I wanted her to be whisked off into this written world rather than to stay with her do-gooder boyfriend. Is that bad of me? Or is that because it is what I want? I am sitting here wishing this writing was exciting, stylish, Carrie sat with fashionable cigarette in my fingers, typing away whatever elegant thought popped into my mind. When really I have my unwashed hair tied up, my slippers on and a chai latte.

No there is not as much glamour as above and I think that is what I love so much about the writing world. You work hard, you play hard. Now whenever I pick up a magazine, watch a tv show or film I wonder whose job it was to find that image, find that prop, or who decided to do her eyeliner like that.

Before the film was just a chick flick to me, the novel now an ambition. Despite the hectic assistant life that Andy leads throughout the novel, I wanted it, jealous of the experience she was getting. Because at this moment in time, any job in the media industry would be great, and like the book constantly repeats, a million girls would kill for that job and so would I, the imaginary mark that imaginary job would leave on any C.V would be amazing. But this effect never came from the film. Ambition to be a writer? Read the novel, keep reminding yourself that everyone starts somewhere. Because I keep forgetting about the jump between.

Get the novel here: The Devil Wears Prada / Everyone Worth Knowing

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