A Bookish Christmas Gift Guide

Thursday 12 December 2019

Okay okay, I know that we are well into December by now but there is still time to order for your bookish pals in time for Christmas! Whilst also shopping independent! 

I've compiled plenty of bookish goodies that are destined to put a smile on any book-loving face this Christmas. But if you can think of some more PLEASE let me know, I bloody love supporting amazing independents and their beaut products! Let's keep all this creativity flowing! 

Bookish Pin on TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide
[The Literary Emporium Pin image by Typewriter Teeth]

The beautiful pieces that come from The Literary Emporium never cease to amaze me (and my bank account). From unique pins and stationery to incredible apparel and jewellery The Literary Emporium have nailed it! But even better, if you are struggling with ideas for your bookish gifting then they have incredible gift sets too! I've definitely got my eye on the Virginia Woolf one. 

bookish gift guide
[Image by Books That Matter]

What about the gift that keeps on giving? The guys over at Books That Matter have created the PERFECT present for book lovers - a book subscription box. Each box includes one book, at least three gifts from independent creatives, a crafted menu, and beautiful packaging! What more could you want?

TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide Books
[Nutmeg and Arlo Pin image by Typewriter Teeth]

Nutmeg and Arlo have some of the best pins I have ever set my eyes on, and I love pins! I can never decide which ones I'm going to buy so end up buying for friends too. But it doesn't stop at pins, from phone cases, cards, washi tape, mugs and more you are bound to find not only presents for book lovers but basically anyone with an interest in anything remotely cool. 

TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide  book pin
[Kate Rowland Pin image by Typewriter Teeth]

I am ALWAYS lusting after Kate Rowland's work so you need to as well! Not only does she make this beautiful 'Book Worm' pin from sustainable plywood but she also has the most insane Harry Potter pins including glittery 'Felix Felicis' for when you need a little luck and a perfectly detailed 'Flying Ford Anglia' for when you need to fly to Hogwarts. Her bookish work doesn't end here, from 'Snozzcumbers' to 'Violet Beauregarde' and even 'Bruce Bogtrotter' famously demolishing that chocolate cake, how on earth are you meant to decide?! 

TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide
[Image by Bookish and Bakewell]

I didn't mean for this post to be predominately pins but here we are, there are just so many amazing ones. Bookish and Bakewell are another independent who are just killing it with their geeky pins from the 'must be a Weasley' pin above to amazing Lord of the Rings pins. 

They don't stop there, with stationery, clothes, coasters and stickers I NEED! 

TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide
[Image by Katie Abey]

It wouldn't be a bookish gift guide without an appearance from the talented Katie Abey - Queen of some of the best puns in the business. From pins and badges to mugs, prints and apparel you'll be sure to find something for everyone and yourself! 

But bookish doesn't always have to have a specific book in mind, us book lovers typically love stationery too...

TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide
[Image by Sighh by Polly]

These 'Weekly Balance' planner pads from Sighh by Polly always catch my eye and now I've started a new job I may have to treat myself. Visualising your week in such a creative way can help you plan and manage your time and also prioritise your work, so treat that bookish person in your life! Not only are Polly's pads amazing but so are her tote bags and wall mountras too! I highly recommend having a snoop through her online store. 

TypeWriter Teeth Christmas Gift Guide
[Image by Delicate Rebellion]

If Polly is helping us sort our week out then the Delicate Rebellion is helping us sort our day out, with wonderful illustrations and ranking priorities. So not only have you got something for the stationery loving bookish people but for the organised too! 

I could keep this bookish Christmas gift guide going forever, my Instagram is full of shopping inspo of amazing independents that could fill another guide themselves! But honestly, if you've still got gifts to buy, have a look at the above and get people something with thought, love, uniqueness and most of all bookishness! 

*None of the above are sponsored or gifted, I just bloody love them*
*Not all the above images are my own - if you need the captions changing just drop me an email amber@typewriterteeth.co.uk*

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